Multiple-Region Championship Quartets that Won in Another Region with a Region 9 Quartet Member(s)

Region 9 Quartets that have/had members from multiple regions at the time they won, but did not compete in Region 9.

Quartet member names are listed in Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass order.

An asterisk (*) denotes Region 9 Members.

Double asterisks (**) indicate that a Top Hat Club member/members in that Quartet are Queens of Harmony.


Speed of Sound

2012 Region 14 Quartet Champions

*Carter Maysilles, Ashley Wright, Peggy Jones, Debbie Landers




2011 Region 15 Quartet Champions

Sue Taylor, *Janeen Summey, Harriette Walters, *Janell Paviolitis**



(C) OutOfTheBox Photography


2010 Region 23 Quartet Champions

*Kay Webb, Alexis Delaney, *Carter Maysilles, Michelle Sevigny


(C) Lilley Photography


2009 Region 15 Quartet Champions 2010 International 11th Place Quartet

Sue Taylor, *Janeen Summy, Harriette Walters, *Janell Paviolitis**


(C) Lilley Photography


2008 Region 15 Quartet Champions

Sue Taylor, *Janeen Summy, Harriette Walters, *Janell Paviolitis**



2007 Region 14 Quartet Champions

*Mercedes Maglin, Jeanette Rehrig, Leah Christian, Peggy Jones



Voices Only

2000 Region 5 Quartet Champions

**Shelley Dubick?, **Liz Hardcastle, **Bonnie McGibben(?), **Karen Breidert*


Quartets that competed at International from 2005 until current year received a portion of the proceeds from our annual Thursday Night Live! Show, including all Wild Card Quartets, as well as Quartets that were in the Top 15 at International with members representing Region 9. 

If you are a TOP HAT CLUB MEMBER / member of Region 9, won with your quartet in another region, and would like to include your Championship Quartet(s) on this page, please e-mail a JPG or JPEG version of your picture(s) to Sue Giesler at 

Note: Sweet Adelines International's regional competitions are held each year in March-May time frame, and international competition is held each year in late September, October or early November. In 1993, the Sweet Adelines International and Coronet Club (organization of champion quartets) boards of directors agreed that the international quartet and chorus champions are more aptly designated by the calendar year during which they primarily hold their titles rather than the year in which they win their titles. Thus, there are no "1993 International Champions." The quartet and chorus that won in 1993 were designated "1994 International Champions," and all subsequent international champions have titles following the new system.


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